Transformation Takes Time.
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Experience the Brave Leadership Academy Programs

Provide your high-potential and emerging leaders with the scaffolding for acceleration and transformation.

In a world that seems to foster the fantasy of overnight success, we know that greatness requires commitment. The best organizations are always working to set their future-selves up for success. They invest in tomorrow’s leaders today and provide a structure for growth that is unparalleled.

Whether you want to minimize time out of the office by offering your high-potential leaders an entirely virtual learning experience or can bookend their journey with game-changing in-person sessions, we offer blended  6 – 7-month immersive programs that ignite positive change, create sticky, lasting results, and ensure your future leaders are prepared to make a difference in your organization for years to come.

Program Objectives

  • Accelerated career progress, enhanced confidence and better results.
  • Lay the groundwork for sustained success and greater impact.
  • Provide the tools needed to succeed at higher levels.

What to Expect

  • A blended learning journey that includes both on-your-own learning and live-virtual instructor-led workshops to maximize flexibility, personalize the content, provide opportunities to practice and get the coaching needed to succeed.
  • Weekly check-ins, to be able to apply the tools to real situations immediately, foster community, and enhance skills.
  • Individual coaching, to personalize and activate the tools as well as receive meaningful feedback.

With the Addition of Live Instructor-Led Sessions at the Beginning and End of the Program.

  • A visceral, sticky, game-changing experience that catalyzes self-understanding around… 
      • personal barriers to connection and influence.
      • presenting powerfully.
      • navigating stress, overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty, change, vulnerability, etc.
      • making a lasting impact.
  • Real-time enhanced personal coaching and feedback.
  • Enhanced relationships and support within the cohort.

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Who Are Our Academy Programs For?

  • Managers and directors with a demonstrated track record and the potential to ascend to higher positions.
  • Engaged leaders committed to developing their skills and their approach in how they optimize the performance of their people. 
  • Leaders who are supported by visionary executives responsible for developing talent in their organizations.

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