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OnStage Leadership

Launched in 2008, OnStage Leadership is our highly acclaimed live, intensive, experiential program that gave birth Brave Leadership. Whether you’re looking to support the people on your team, or you’re an HR Leader or Senior Executive looking to ignite transformation in your organization, OnStage Leadership has a proven track-record for creating lasting change and meaningful results.

Is OnStage Leadership What You’re Looking For?

We have transformed cultures, eliminated silos, and built bench strength for some of the most reputable organizations in the world.

From our humble beginnings, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of leaders and emerging leaders.

Read what just a few of our remarkable graduates have to say about OnStage Leadership:

OnStage Leadership demonstrates the highest level of originality and creativity in leadership education that I have ever seen.
Gregory S.
Vice President, Institute for Law Enforcement Administration
OnStage Leadership is the ONLY time in my 20+ year career that I have seen such results created in a single day.
Lisa A.
Vice President and Change Management Manager, Comerica Bank
OnStage Leadership makes you jump inside yourself and discover the best of you!
Karin L.
Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
We have seen tremendous improvement in the communication skills of our leaders who’ve attended OnStage Leadership. They are much better at speaking from their true self.
Paul R.
SVP Human Resources, Atrium Health
Kimberly's enthusiasm, energy and passion is off the charts. I highly recommend Kimberly if you’re interested in disrupting the status quo.
Pat M.
National VP of Sales, Hand2Mind
OnStage Leadership was unlike any other workshop or seminar I have ever participated in. Your background and experience give you massive credibility. Your passion and energy come through in every interaction. What I found unique and invaluable were all of the personal touches. It all made me feel like I am the "star" in "My Success Story." I hope you are able to offer the workshop in Seattle on a regular basis. I will be recommending it for personal and career growth.
Tom S.
VP Sales and Marketing/CEO for multiple start-ups, Seattle, WA
Kimberly, what a splendid and awe-inspiring event, taking the stage to learn about our authentic selves and ‘real’ leadership style! The ‘take-away’ for me after this event is that I am more than I think I am, and what I really desire to do is to impact the lives of those I lead (at work, at home, in the community); I never really gave much thought to this until I enrolled in your revealing and well-developed program. This creatively presented curriculum supplies a ‘special’ need that every business professional, irrespective of their role (CEO, VP, Director, Manager, staff, etc.), should take and experience at least once in their lives if they truly desire to know who they are as a leader, what they desire to do, how to do it and how it impacts the lives of others. Thanks for leading us Onstage and helping us to realize ‘what we’re fighting for.’ So grateful to be a cast member.
Linda B.
Senior Director, KPMG, LLP
Kimberly’s work with our organization has literally transformed the participants who have attended. I’ve seen individuals in one day develop their leadership presence, message and most importantly their leadership self. She has helped us create a new crop of leaders that understand how to connect with and motivate their teams to success.
Cecil J.
Head of Talent Development, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

Have a bigger group or can only allocate a half-day to training? Then our Brave Leadership Workshops would be a great option!

Like the work we do in Executive Education for one of the top business schools in the United States, our Brave Leadership Workshops are a more traditional approach to the same powerful conversation and can be tailored to meet your group-size and time-frame needs.

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