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We teach People How to
Think Strategically

about how they communicate, prepare and connect so they can turn their auto-pilot off and show-up authentically, intentionally and powerfully.

Great results are not formulaic. They are a byproduct of self-awareness, understanding the needs and feelings of others and learning how to analyze a situation to ensure the best outcome. We don’t give people a bunch of acronyms to memorize or insist that they follow our “proven path to success,” as we know that every situation and every person is different. There are no formulas for human beings. We empower people to leverage their best, to consistently, constructively, authentically and powerfully have the impact that they want to have.

One of the many reasons that our work is so noteworthy is because it addresses a host of challenges that most people-leaders face, and we give you multiple ways to consume our unique offerings, so you have complete flexibility in choosing the solution that works best for you and your team.



Organizations that believe leadership training is important



Businesses in the US that offer leadership and development training



Increase in performance from employees who go through leadership training



Managers who have never received any form of management training

How do your statistics reflect your impact as a leader?

What Can You Expect?

Yes, our work enhances performance, absolutely.

Brave Leadership University courses increase confidence. They help with managing stress, overwhelm and frustration. They make a difference with navigating organizational changes. They support those who are uncomfortable speaking in groups or have difficulty communicating, dealing with conflict, or might have lack of awareness or skills.

But we do so much more than focus on “development needs.”

Our work is also perfect for your high-achievers; the people who you need to keep engaged and challenged. It helps your new-hires align themselves with the organization and get clarity around the impact that they want to have. It helps you groom your emerging leaders and prepare them for greater responsibility.

We provide you and the people you lead with a shared experience and language that breeds empathy, constructive-purposeful action, accountability, and courage.

Brave Leadership Unlocks Leadership Potential Positive Impact Clarity and Focus Unlimited Possibilities Powerful Outcomes Purposeful Action Courage and Confidence Empathy and Influence

How We Do What We Do

Whether you choose to do a full-day, in-person engagement, sending your team through our flagship course, OnStage Leadership, or you take advantage of our online offerings, or a combination of the two through our Academy Programs, we bring you immersive, “sticky” experiences.

Our courses are not the formulaic, “typical,” check-the-box, kind of development course. You won’t find bad actors or cringy virtual reality. You won’t find a lot of jargon or boring filler. What you’ll find is almost two decades of proven content, actionable tools that can be implemented immediately, real human connection, and an unforgettable blended-learning experience. We are fully invested in the success of every person with whom we engage and that begins with you.

Our Philosopy

Our philosophy is centered on excavating and leveraging the purpose, strengths and the values of the people who make your business work, while minimizing their obstacles to success.

We believe that outstanding results come from powerful, confident people working together.

You Get to Choose

Your team is balancing a million different priorities. They may be located in different cities. You may have to navigate different time-zones. We know that what works for you and your team is not the typical one-size-fits-all-solution.

Maybe you want to level-set and provide them with a brief 2.5-hour virtual foundation to set them up for success? Our virtual Brave Leadership Essentials course includes all the core essentials required to successfully lead, influence and bring your best in today’s complex world.

This is the foundational content we have been teaching in Executive Education for one of the best business schools in the United States for almost 15 years. It has been time-tested and proven to make an impact. It can be consumed quickly, personalized, and immediately applied so you and your participants can see results right away. 

Then, perhaps you want to give them resources to build on the “Essentials,” by giving them access to the rest of the Brave Leadership catalogue, so they can get the “just-in-time” development they need, when they need it, and/or continue growing themselves on their own time, to give them a career advantage and get better outcomes.

Your people. Your way. Your success.

Virtual Offerings


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